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Strategy & Organization

graphTo reach its goal, a company needs middle and long-term planning. However, it may lose its goal, involved in day-by-day activities. Sinedi enhances company’s organization, offering a wide range of services:.

Sinedi affianca l’azienda attraverso:

  • Competitive scenario evaluation and strategic positioning; (business plan);
  • Strategic market positioning;
  • Designing commercial business and industrial plans.

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Enterprise’s relationship Management

passaggio generazionaleThe generational shift is like a relay race, a real team game, in which to transfer the baton from one component to another is possible only if among them there are coordination, harmony and understanding. Designing with method and rigor this stage can make an extraordinary opportunity to rethink and start virtuous development paths.

Sinedi affianca l’azienda attraverso:

  • Generational budget: the generational budget and the enterprise’s continuity;
  • Relationship management: the analysis of enterprise’s relationship management;
  • Business Development: business development model and relationship business

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Decision support systems

direction (1)Information availability represents a key factor for company life and evaluation.
Top management needs to have a clear vision, in order to have the right approach. Information overload affects business, and it difficult to make good decisions. With plenty of experience from a large range of information systems, Sinedi is able to meet different needs:

  • Information systems implementation and critical factors assessment;
  • ERP implementation;
  • Project management through ERP systems;
  • Information systems updates and check-up;
  • Waste analysis.


M&A and International Development

graphA dream, desire to grow, possibility to open a new branch abroad: a company can need more resources to reach its new goal.
Sinedi, in partnership with Finlife Corporate Finance and Gesta Rete Imprese, represents the bridge between the company state of art and its future; companies are supported in business plans drafting and capital venture, with different steps, as well as:

  • Capital venture research;
  • Financing project management;
  • Business due diligence.


Executive Education

Sinedi team represents a point of reference for business education (Fondazione Cuoa MBA). Sined is able to offer customized programs, tailored to specific sectors or companies. Even more, Sinedi promote regularly free workshop aimed to top management.

Sinedi partners have been faculty members of CUOA MBA since 2006.


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